Using memes to insult the religious – how to make yourself look like an idiot.

I love a good laugh, everyone does.  The issue with memes is that it’s so easy to throw insults from behind a keyboard and get a laugh at someone else’s expense.
The main issue is that, even by highlighting a valid point you can look like an idiot by using these memes.  I’m not saying to avoid them, just be selective of what ones you use.

With “memes” becoming so unavoidable on the internet nowadays and especially facebook with at the very least ten percent of your newsfeed being a photoshopped picture with a quote or observation being shared or uploaded by your friends, it is almost a certainty that, having subscribed to a newsletter like this that you have seen memes insulting the religious in abundance. Usually a quote from a comedian or a photo of some famous figure from now or some point in history; people from George Carlin to Thomas Edison and Winston Churchill.

I would advise you to be scrutinous and very selective to which of these you pay attention to and even more so to the ones you share or upload yourself.  To share, like or upload memes and pictures that are outright insulting to the religious is usually something that is simple minded, ignorant and shows that you get your kicks out of being insulting to the believers as these sort of insulting memes are usually ignorant or blind to some key fact that the believer will understand when he or she sees the picture you have just shared.

As soon as you have insulted their intelligence with some ridiculous meme that is ignorant of some key fact, you automatically become the stereotypical, angry atheist in their eyes and lose any chance of being taken seriously.

For example: There is a joke that questions how Jesus found twelve disciples named Paul, Matthew, Peter etc in the middle east.  The Christian will just roll their eyes because they know the twelve disciples were really called Paulus, Mattay, Shemayon Keppa etc and just translated into the roughly equivalent English names.
Making this sort of joke gives the believer justification to call you ignorant and therefore you won’t be taken seriously. Or at the very least, in the face of some valid point you have made, gives them reason to ignore the valid point and call you ignorant purely based on the insulting joke you’ve made after.

Remember that the believer’s use of logic is twisted by their faith and makes them capable of using whatever nonsensical or irrelevant logic they need to in order to convince, themselves at least(if not you) that you are wrong and that their God exists.

When debating religion, you should keep in mind that you are in fact, attacking something that they hold dear and sates their fear of death and the great beyond.  This is a comfort they are EXTREMELY reluctant to let go of. Give them the slightest reason to ignore your opinion and they will do so purely to protect their infantile fantasy that there is someone looking out for them and promising them an afterlife.  To accept your argument is to accept that there is nobody there, and that we have no clue or preparation for what happens when we die.  A terrifying and disconcerting concept to the believer who hasn’t yet come to terms with it like we have.

The believer will do everything they can to hold on to this fantasy, including convincing themselves of disillusion ideas and simply not listening to you because you have shown you are ignorant of some ultimately irrelevant fact or theory.

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