Atheist authors/speakers

Here is a list of some of the most notable and influential atheist and anti-theistic authors and speakers.  Plus a review of each.
Please let me know of anyone you would like to see added to this list.

Anti theist and atheist speakers

Sam Harris

An American neuroscientist who has authored books such as Waking up: Searching for spirituality without religion and The end of faith which is a personal favorite of mine, in which Harris goes into great detail on the flawed thinking required to believe in any God and the consequences of such warped reasoning.

Harris spends time on his podcast talking about a considerable range of things and to put it simply it’s amazing stuff; including existence, faith, religious extremism, mentality, free will, theories on violence, interviews with speakers such as Richard Dawkins, even eye opening views on politics and so much more.  I’d highly recommend subscribing to his podcast Waking up with Sam Harris where you can find the above topics amongst a myriad of other topics which have you spoilt for choice. Harris does this ad-free so you should consider heading to his website to offer some small support if you like his podcasts.

Christopher Hitchens

Passed away in 2011 and missed by much of the atheist community for his knowledge, wit, vocabulary and intimidating presence to any religious speaker who dared to get on stage opposite him.
An author, columnist, journalist, and critic on topics mostly religious or political, Hitchens always got the crowds’ attention which is evident in the endless Youtube video compilations of Hitchens putting down his opponents from various debates.

Hitchens is a pleasure to watch and listen to with a strangely captivating voice which you can find on Youtube. One of his most noteable books God is not great is one of my favorite books of all time and I have to say I much preferred the audio book because he is quite simply, a pleasure to listen to.

Whilst quite capable of humiliating anybody on stage who deserves it and quick to call someone on their bullshit, he is not a bully.  Absolutely not as in the extremely rare and unlikely event he has spoken out of turn he is fast to admit or concede fault and even apologize if he reflects that he has spoken unduly towards someone.  Hitchens holds a couple of his opponents as close friends as a matter of fact.

If there is only one anti-theistic book you read, you should make it this one

Richard Dawkins

An evolutionary biologist and author born in Kenya. Dawkins is the author of many books and part of many documentary films about evolution and/or how religion is false. His most notable works include The selfish gene and The God delusion, which has influenced a pathetic counter argument book The atheist delusion.

There is a fantastic debate between Dawkins and Cardinal George Pell on a show called Q and A which you can find on Youtube.  Dawkins is not afraid to be terse and blunt about what he thinks to religious people who are hostile towards him as you will see in the debate mentioned above.  “I only ever get hostile questions from religious people and they’re extremely easy to handle”.

Whilst I love watching Dawkins and his no-nonsense approach, I would not be as quick to side with him as I would with Hitchens or Harris.  Solely because on occasion Dawkins is insulting without good cause and has even been seen to tell atheist crowds they should ridicule Catholics who genuinely believe that a wafer turns into the body of Christ.  I personally would also avoid his argument that anti-theists should call themselves “brights”.  Whilst Hitchens makes a fool out of someone who deserves it, Dawkins is more prone to ridiculing believers simply because they are religious.


Dr Lawrence Krauss

An American-Canadian theoretical physicist and cosmologist.   Dr. Krauss holds many awards and has authored various books.  We often hear Christians over simplifying atheist viewpoints in order to discredit them, one of the main lines of reasoning being-
“You can’t just get something from nothing” – Typical religious argument
Well, Krauss writes about how there actually could be something from nothing in his fantastic book  A universe from nothing.
This firmly and absolutely places the ball in the religious believer’s court as they still have to account for where God came from if he created the universe.

Quite a close friend of Richard Dawkins, the two appear on stage together to debate the existence of God and featured together in the 2013 documentary “the unbelievers” in which they oppose religion.

If you’re interested in this sort of material, then I recommend:

If you would like to hear Krauss for free before you buy any of his books, then I suggest finding Sam Harris’s podcast Waking up with Sam Harris and listening to #70 – Beauty and Terror.  In which Harris and Krauss have a lengthy discussion about modern thinking and how science should and should not be viewed or used.  Even touching on how prominent religious figures pervert the use of science to perpetuate lies.  It’s a brilliant podcast between two incredible minds and if you haven’t subscribed to Harris’s podcast then you should do so, it’s free and something I listen to almost daily.

If you have any questions or feedback on any of the above authors, please leave your comment or question below.