Gay marriage, one of the final nails in Christianity’s coffin

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One of the biggest hurdles for Christianity has been gay marriage and equal rights for the LGBT community.
I will admit, I have enjoyed to some degree (on the occasions my head is not in my hands in exasperation) listening to the Christians struggle and strain to make any valid argument as to why the LGBT community should not have equal rights.  I will list some of my favorites after a little history…..

For so long now it has been illegal for someone to marry another person of the same sex.  In fact, in some countries it was even illegal to perform anal sex until recently!  Only by 2003 had the United States supreme court made a decision that invalidated ALL state laws that banned it.

The bible forbids homosexuality which we are all aware of.  The Catholic Papacy had for so long tried to avoid dealing with the large, very pink elephant in the room.

Homosexuality is not the only act that the church has forbade:  We have all, at some point heard of the Bible forbidding us from eating shrimp, wearing wool and linen in the same cloth, and other such nonsense such as should a man be blind, lame or have an abnormally long limb he will not enter heaven.

Yet we do not hear ANY of this from our church going friends!  We non-believers will not raise these charming little pieces of the bible because we do not dare offend or upset them, as societal etiquette dictates…..  Believers will choose to ignore and forget about them too because, even to their faith obscured reasoning, even they know they are unacceptable teachings.

However, their reasoning has not completely escaped the delusion of “faith”.
One of the church’s fatal flaws was persisting with the homosexuality issue.
They have persisted with an issue that comes from archaic society attitudes and intolerance and now find themselves in a predicament for which they have only themselves to blame:

Keeping face and upholding a ridiculous law (for which there is no real argument).
Or lose face and accept that there is no credible reason to prevent gay marriage, and lose face and credibility in the process.

Now, as promised here are the futile arguments Christians use to justify their position on the matter.  It should be obvious to you the desperate absurdity of their points and reasoning, also note how this is indicative of the church clutching in desperation for ANY points they can use.

  1. It is unnatural: We seldom hear this one anymore, it is natural and is present in other species.
  2. Marriage is between a man and a woman!: Marriage pre-dates Christianity and even Judiasm, sorry folks you do not hold the authority to claim this.

Now those two are nothing new, but they are worth noting.  Here are the fun ones:

  1. We all have some homosexual tendencies.  We just have to ignore and work on them!:  I assume part of the appeal of this argument is how subjective it is.  The religious love subjective reasoning because most people don’t know how to counter them correctly because of how obscure they are.  It is just unfortunate that the religious, even the most famous speakers, are so useless at using subjective reasoning correctly.
    True, some people are bisexual and others even just bi-curious.  This does not mean that all gay people are just on some spectrum with the far side indicating “full gay” not existing.
    Being gay and loving someone of the same sex is real, people have fought for it, struggled through life with it, been cut off from family for it, been executed and even taken their own lives due to discrimination.
    Does this really sound like a tendency that can be worked on?
    If you really want to arm yourself against this argument, read up on “gay cure therapy”.  A practice endorsed by the church which has recently been banned.  In short, the church were trying to “cure” gay people (even drugging them in some cases in attempts to do so) and causing in some cases irreparable harm.  In conclusion: even with these extreme measures, homosexuality cannot be “fixed” and as agreed by doctors and medical associations, nor does it need to be.
    An extract from the Telegraph:
    In Britain, the NHS, Royal College of Psychiatrists and all leading counselling and psychotherapy bodies have signed a joined statement describing it as unethical, unscientific and potentially dangerous.
  2. If we say gay marriage is OK, how do we know that pedophilia won’t be seen as OK and acceptable next?  No really, how can you prove that won’t happen?!
    I shit you not, this came from the mouth of slightly zealous co-worker of mine and has been an argument used by Christians.
    First:  The burden of proof lies with the person making the claim.  Saying “You can’t prove it’s not” is not a valid argument until you have first provided some proof of the point you’re making.  Hence the flying spaghetti monster satirical joke that highlights Christianity’s futile argument “You can’t disprove God”.
    Well we don’t need to because you haven’t proved his existence.  Christians cannot prove the flying spaghetti monster doesn’t exist.  There is no evidence that gay marriage will encourage pedophilia, meaning there is nothing to disprove.
    Second:  The church should tread carefully when throwing accusations of pedophilia considering past events……..
    The absurdity of this argument is indicative of how desperate the church is for any sort of usable argument against gay marriage.
  3. An argument, in some shape or form that argues the whole point of marriage is reproduction:  I have not attempted to recreate the arguments because they are so long winded and obscure, presumably this is done deliberately to distract from the absurdity of their point which would be evident if it were put concisely as I have just done for them:  The whole point of marriage is babies.
    The argument tries to portray that sex is a gift attained through marriage.  To think reproduction is the sole purpose of marriage is to be moronic.
    Counter argument:  Ask are people who are sterile allowed to marry?

In another post which I wrote about religion scaring children into belief I had mentioned a group that specialised in scaring children with threats of hell.

Well I searched their website (seemingly an American branch) and found this gem of an article they posted about marriage:

If you stand for the separation of Church and State – then you must conclude that marriage is a Church Institution not a State institution.

Marriage has been originated, designed and defined by God and instituted through the relationship He authored (Genesis 2:18-25). The biblical view of sex can also be argued that it too, is an institution authored by God (Genesis 3 and 4)

This lands my face in my palm rather than cause me to laugh.

Newsflash: Marriage pre-dates Christianity and even Judaism, it was a pagan practice.

I love how they say it can also be argued that sex is a God given institution rather than say it is. Reading between the lines I would posit it can also be argued that they know they haven’t a chance in hell of arguing this point and being taken seriously so they weakly suggest it as a possibility rather than show any conviction of it.

Also I would like to educate those of you who are not yet aware of a bald assertion.

If you stand for the separation of Church and State – then you must conclude that marriage is a Church Institution not a State institution.

Actually think how the assumption that Church and state should be separated must mean that marriage is solely a Church institution.  It doesn’t, therefore the claim that such a conclusion must be drawn is a bald assertion as the preceding statement does not mean the latter part supporting the church is true.

Yes I do actually enjoy the topic of homosexuality because it is such a futile fight the religious are fighting and on some level, deep down they know it!
I enjoy watching them struggle with this, knowing that they don’t really have the heart for it but to admit defeat now would likely discredit their church or faith.  To admit defeat would be to acknowledge that the bible is teaching something unfair, and that the atheist standing is more moral.

If you would like to learn more about Christian bigotry, go here to find a review on Sam Harris and his excellent book (with a link).

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I hope you have enjoyed it and haven’t spent too much time with your face in your hands as you read the ridiculous arguments put forward by the religious believers.
Please message me with your thoughts, stories or arguments.


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