Religious authors/speakers

Here is a list of some of the most notable and influential religious authors and speakers.
Plus a review of each.
Please let me know of anyone you would like to see added to this list.

Religious speakers

Ravi Zacharias

 “Science doesn’t deal with morality, and if it talks about the evolution of morality then it is deterministic, and if it deterministic it is not making a true assertion and therefore if it says that morality is not true then the assertion itself either claims to be true, or is not true. If it claims to be true, then it goes beyond science.  So I just tell you they’ve got a big gap between science, and ultimate metaphyics and that gap can only be filled by true religious thought that is coherent and corresponding to reality”
-Ravi Zacharias

This sounds impressive doesn’t it?  When dealt with a line so impressive by a Christian or any other believer that makes you stutter and think “huh” and that they have a point, instead you should take a step back and think did you actually understand fully what they meant?

If the answer is no, then do not simply accept their confidence and bluster out of trust and fear of embarrassment of looking foolish.  Chances are (not always but mostly) that they are relying on this effect and whatever they just threw at you didn’t make any sense but it sounded complicated enough that you couldn’t follow it, therefore you can’t debate the conclusion if you couldn’t follow the evidence.

The above quote is a perfect example. Zacharias is a cute old man with a charm that can disarm even the most vehement athiest. He has a silver tongue and a good command of the English language but possesses few, if any, valid arguments.

Zacharias is a master at getting people’s confidence, he blusters big impressive words and sentences and even paragraphs that people fail to fully follow which he then covers with a bald assertion (a conclusion that is drawn from evidence that doesn’t actually support that conclusion).   Zacharias is the quintessential example of what I find most sickening about many religious speakers:

They abuse the trust people give them. The trust they’re automatically given because they’re Christian.

To be Christian is often synonymous with honesty, kindness and trust.  So people like Zacharias use this confidence to bluster a waterfall of verbal diahrrea and finish with “you see? God exists!”

“Science doesn’t deal with morality, and if it talks about the evolution of morality then it is deterministic, and if it deterministic it is not making a true assertion” – Ravi Zacharias, an excerpt from the same quote.

There is science behind the evolution of morality, we wouldn’t have survived without morality, it’s crucial to our survival. It’s that simple.

Morality when looking at evolution isn’t exactly essential to proving God doesn’t exist but hey, if you’re going to split hairs then fine: We can see people’s ethics and morality developing throughout history; in Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and even non religious societies so “that gap can only be filled by true religious thought that is coherent and corresponding to reality” is an invalid assumption because it doesn’t correspond.  The only correspondence that could be found is in the development of countries all over the world over the centuries(in which virtually all societies had theocratic law, thus no comparison is able to be made to non religious thought).  Even if all these societies were to prove more moral than any atheist/secular ones (which they do not) then all that has been proven is society works better with literature and philosophy because it doesn’t prove any one religious society is significantly more moral than any of the rest.  Therefore there is no evidence of divine influence.

In fact we can quite clearly see the contrary, that morality only really progresses in secular societies.  That is not to say that theocratic societies don’t become more moral as time goes on, of course they do (gradually and begrudgingly) but it is only when we become secular do we see real progress in all areas of society. This in fact suggests that religion has a retardant effect on morality.

The conclusion on Zacharias:  Do not let yourself be taken for a fool by simply trusting his end conclusion because you were confused by and failed to follow his argument.  The likelihood is that was his intention.
However, if you would like to read what Zacharias has to say about atheism then I suggest reading this:

John Haldane

Another Christian who doesn’t so much bullshit and make bald assertions as much as just throwing verbose diarrhea at the audience and Christians, all of whom have a certain amount of doubt inherent in their “faith” will greedily gobble up and smile at how much sense it supposedly makes because Haldane says confidently it proves Christianity is true (in some effect) at the end of whatever babble he spews.  If debating Christianity doesn’t work out, he could be an incredible politician. I have never, and I mean NEVER heard anyone with the ability of John Haldane to talk for 30 minutes and not actually say anything.

Deepak Chopra

This pseudoscientist doesn’t deserve a mention however he has achieved some acclaim and attention so I will tell you what little you need to know about him.

His story, and I emphasise the use of that word, is that he was a doctor who was prescribing medication non stop and seeing it bring no benefit to his patients. He has gone on to promote various other methods of achieving health, claiming that two hours of meditation per day will bring you biological immortality! (biological immortality simply means you don’t age or get diseases, you are still vulnerable to gunshots, heart attack etc)

I do not think this man deserves to share a stage with the likes of Harris but alas Harris and others have been forced to waste their time with this oxygen thief.  Being a Doctor in biology, he has somehow concluded that he is an authority on quantum physics despite accidentally making it clear he has no idea on the matter.  Like Zacharias, Chopra uses big, complicated, drawn out explanations that are designed to be difficult to follow in order to hide his lack of evidence.

However, unlike Zacharias, Chopra is foolish enough to try this on stage with the likes of Harris who can quite easily follow his reasoning and rip it to shreds to show his obvious bullshit, there is even a great clip on Youtube where Chopra proclaims to the audience of a relatively small auditorium

“If anyone who is qualified to tell me I am wrong then please stand up!”

To which a non-descript man stands up and replies

“Erm yeah I’m a quantum physicist actually helping Dr Stephen Hawking write a book and it’s quite clear you have no idea what you’re talking about when you use the notation quantum, if you want to sit down with me I’d happily show you what it actually means.”

Chopra claims to be capable of curing cancer with “quantum healing”……  You can draw the only conclusion you need for Chopra from this.

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