Was world war two caused by religion or atheism?

Was WWI or WWII caused by atheism or religion?
The answer is neither.

“World war one and two; the two great atheist acts of the twentieth century!”

This is fast becoming one of the main fail safe argument standings of Christians.

“Hitler and Stahlin were atheists”

Both men were atheists, true. This in itself means nothing.

Firstly, World War one was not started by atheism…. common sense should be able to discern the absurdity of such a claim. World War one was caused by a catastrophic chain reaction of invoked alliance treaties following a simple political move by Austria-Hungary following an assassination. Combined with Kaiser Wilhelm II’s inclination to delcare war with everyone who allied themselves with Serbia and Russia, this ended up in one of the bloodiest and horrific wars we have ever known. It had nothing to do with religion, or lack thereof. The only one person who could have the finger of blame pointed at them could be the Kaiser of Germany who was in fact, a protestant.

So, WW1 is conclusively NOT because of atheism. If your opponent persists in using ridiculous reasoning to conclude it WAS because of atheism then I would suggest using a light insult “You clearly need to read a history book”

World War two.

Hitler and Stahlin are names that are now synonymous with evil. The scale of death in the two world wars far exceeded that of all known wars in previous centuries combined.
With WW1 accounting for over 38,000,000 casualties and WW2 accounting for over 60,000,000 casualties. The believer will try to attribute this to atheism. Which you can counter by pointing out that there is NO case for saying WW1 was caused by atheism.
So what DID cause such devestation?

In my opinion, the answer is simply technology.
In the dawn of the twentieth century we began to see awe inspiring and horrific weapon technology that we were not used to and it had horrific results.
Not just weapon technology!  Oh no, among the list of reasons include communications, transport and surveillance technology.  All these things combined enabled the countries to kill each other with much more devastation and ease. Including the simple use of trucks to get us from A to B in order to do so, which negated much of the need to plan week long trips and the carriage of seige weaponry which in itself, may have rendered the attack or campaign unfeasable.
Consider would the column of troops be able to attack with the same organisation of the militaries that had radio equipment? All this leads the military powers to conclude they may not have the necessary information to set out with the troops.  The lack of communication and transportation technology of the twentieth century would have defeated many previous campaigns before they had even begun.

Think about it.  Would the theocratic states of centuries gone by have even hesitated in the slightest to conquer all their enemies if they had machine guns, radios, tanks, planes and bombs?  Of course not, you will be hard pushed to find any Christians who would deny it.  Part of the reason (aside from lack of capability and resources) that the casualties and deaths from the crusades and religious campaigns were so low was because slavery was legal, and it proved to be very profitable to enslave the defeated rather than execute them.
Although I’m sure they would have happily done so if it didn’t have any financial implication.

The scale of death was because of technology, pure and simple…..
If you have any doubt about this, consider that WWI had NO cause from atheism.
Then consider, that in the centuries gone by when the church could freely encourage the state to attack and conquer simply because they believed in a different god, would the religious leaders have had any hesitancy in attacking every country on earth if they had the same weaponry, planes, boats and technology that the militaries of WWII had?

The case for WWII being caused by atheism is so weak it’s virtually non-existent.

However the case for WWI being caused by atheism is non-existent. Christian apologists claiming WWII was caused by atheism figure they may as well make the same claim for WWI.  Perhaps they figure it would weaken their case too much if they only claimed WWII was caused by atheism….. Whatever the reason, it is not because of any genuinely objective belief that it was atheism that caused WWI and this is evidence in itself of the integrity of such speakers.

I for one, find it nothing short of disgusting that they are misusing the deaths of scores of millions to further their own interests.

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