What is a religious extremist? The only true followers of Religion.

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This will be a blunt yet important post about religious moderates and their difference from religious extremists (or religious fundamentalists as they are sometimes known).  I do not intend to offend anyone, but this needs to be said:  Islam IS NOT a religion of peace.

So what are the differences?
A religious “moderate” is essentially your everyday believer; 99% of western Christians and Jews could be called moderates because they do not follow every word the bible says such as murdering your neighbors and even your children if they follow a different religion.  Yet they follow the bible, believe in Christ (or not for the Jews) and live their lives according to other writings of the bible.

A religious extremist/fundamentalist is what we typically see in the news when we see terrorist attacks, more often than not in modern times these are Muslims.  The Quran does in fact say to murder infidels and believers of other religions.   So does the bible for that matter.
We often hear on social media now that Islam is a religion of peace, which is ridiculous.  This is a product of modern society in which people are always scrambling for the moral high ground so they can condescend others who don’t yet know whatever the point is, such as “Islam is a religion of peace”.
It is in fact, a religion of oppression and violence.  There are real cases of women being raped in countries of Sharia law where it is illegal to have pre-marital sex and as a result, the women are thrown in jail.
In Iraq it is forbidden to execute a virgin, so during the time of Saddam Hussein when a 14 year old girl had to be executed she was first given to the national guard to be gang raped….. and then executed.  It’s heart warming to see they have standards and priorities.

How, just how is this a religion of peace?

As Sam Harris says

“The only problem with religious fundamentalism is when there are problems with the fundamentals of that religion.”

People today are so wary of political correctness that they become blind to these things.  Anyone who is fully aware of all the horrors that go on under Sharia law, and of what the Quran genuinely says regarding infidels yet still claims Islam is a religion of peace is either a moron or a coward.
A moron if they cannot see the blatant contradiction in events to their claim.
Or a coward because they are not willing to defend what they genuinely think.

Christianity wasn’t always much better, I always encourage any atheist interested in debating or holding their own at the lunch table discussions to even just glance at the book of Deuteronomy.

What is Deuteronomy?
Deuteronomy is a book of the old testament and is filled with horrors that resemble in some instances the horrors of Sharia law and what is advocated by the Quran.
Deuteronomy says to murder your wife, husband, child or neighbor if they worship another God.  That’s the shortened version, the actual verses are far more disgusting.

The Christian, when presented with this charming little book of the old testament will say something along the lines of:
“Well of course you aren’t supposed to take the bible literally”
“Those were different times back then” A pathetic attempt at trying to pass off these horrors as being necessary due to the era.  Other arguments would be dismissing the need to justify it because God’s will is so incomprehensible to us/God works in mysterious ways etcetera.  There is the book of Galatians, in which the apostle Paul states that the old testament is not to be followed any longer due to Christ’s sacrifice and that to live under the “law” (old testament) is to reject Christ and thus live in sin.
This argument however has corollary implications such as the new testament making NO mention of homosexuality.  Yes there is a lot of debate if the new testament making any claims of homosexuality due to indirect and vague references and even translation issues.  However even the new testament does mention the murder of non believers in Luke and Matthew.

Which brings me to this post’s title.
Why are religious fundamentalists the only true followers of religion?

Reference the counter-argument by the Christian moderate “You do not take the bible literally”
Where does it say not to take the bible literally?
Given that these writings were given to illiterate, frightened superstitious people who were very prone to barbarism it is very reasonable to expect a very clear instruction not to take this particular book literally.

Yet it does not.  The book of Deuteronomy is laid out in all it’s horror for the people of millennia ago to read and follow.  It gives any religious state all the excuse it needs to conquer other peoples territory so this in itself is indicative that the bible is man made.
The fact that we do not take it literally shows that we are capable of morality and ethics without the bible.

Let’s focus on Deuteronomy, there are plenty of other horrors and issues I could talk about in the Bible but let’s focus on Deuteronomy for the sake of analysis and discussion.  Deuteronomy is basically the story of what happened after Moses led his people out of slavery.

Go on to the internet, or talk to any Christian and they will babble on about how you have to obey to love and love to obey and so on.
There’s quite a lot of noise with no real meaning other than obey God without question and you will be rewarded.  Look!  It happened to Moses people so if you blindly accept all the things that make no sense then you will be rewarded too!

Oh and just in case you think of using your reason and use critical thinking
*COUGH* I’m sorry, in case you don’t obey: you will find famine and be exiled!
Of course famine and exile are not a concern in 2017 however the implied message and effect still remains.

 That is a rough feel of the message Christians will give you about Deuteronomy, with no reference to all the laws of how you must murder people who worship other Gods.
My favorite ones are when it says to murder your small child for worshiping another God and how upon entering a town and finding one believer of another religion, you must slaughter every man, woman and child in the town.

Now, there is no real credible case for Deuteronomy not to be taken literally.  The further back in history you go, the more you see of people taking it literally.
According to the bible, they should.
Modern moral ethics are the product of secular knowledge, society’s advancement and human understanding.
There is no reason to attribute our society’s moral codes to the Bible, or the Quran or any other book that claims to be of divine origin.

Religious fundamentalists are the real believers because they follow their scripture as it is supposed to be followed and usually have unrivaled knowledge of their religious literature.

Religious moderates exist because they are somewhat ignorant of what their book actually says and they have some degree of reason.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.   Please message me with any thoughts, stories or if you disagree with anything I have wrote.


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