What is faith?

How and why faith is nonsense.  How it is almost (in some cases certainly) dangerous.

Religion is infamous for suppressing critical thinking, instead encouraging people to just “trust in this book” which invariably results in people surrendering their reason and carrying out whatever malicious agenda that the “book” or religious elders claim “holy” and thus, justified.  Usually the holy leaders/elders/yahamgama or whatever using a twisted meaning from “the book” to justify furthering the host nation’s interests.

The common man carries out acts of barbarism and sickening cruelty because he can hate the heart of his enemy because they are of a different “false” religion and because”God says so!”

Free will and human decency are not enough by themselves to prevent religion warping one’s sense of right and wrong.
Our minds and morality are unfortunately much more at the mercy of our surroundings, culture, and those around us than we might like to think.  If you would like to learn more about why this is, I strongly suggest you read The lucifer effect.  In this fascinating book we see the almost terrifying potential effects our surroundings and culture can influence us to do evil.  The book even references a some horrifying events in which religion played a strong part.

We see these instances all throughout history and even today:

The crusades


The Tamil Hindus and Buddhists in Sri Lanka


Northern Ireland’s “The troubles”  (More of a political and territorial nature, but the tribalism encouraged by religious difference is beyond question)

The “Lord’s Resistance Army” of Sudan

The threat of Muslim extremism that is very real and on every Western doorstep today.

This is what happens when you trust in your God!

This is what happens when you sacrifice critical thinking and reason for FAITH!

I do not wish to insult anyone for wanting to believe in a higher power, or that there is life after death.  These are very understandable, and very human desires.  The fear of death and the unknown are understandable and so it makes the idea of God, or Shiva, or any other divine being a comforting one.
A severe problem stems from the lack of evidence, because due to the divine, supernatural and possibly incomprehensible nature of such beings it is seen as acceptable to have obscure evidence or none at all.

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

This quote made famous by a movie is a brilliant example of how incoherent religious logic can be.  That the absence of evidence for Christianity is in itself evidence!  If you don’t believe in God then you have let yourself be deceived.

Now we said another problem stems from this lack of evidence:  This is because it actually encourages a twisted form of reasoning……  When such vulgar twisted forms of comprehension are deemed acceptable, where does one draw the line when making decisions in life?  People are more prone to using this same twisted comprehension in other areas of their life once it is deemed acceptable.
When religion claims to have overall wisdom and authority on all matters of life, how do we know when our critical thinking (when it contradicts religious instruction) is right?  How do we know, that the woman who has just been gang-raped should not go to jail for technically having pre-marital sex?

The more religious the society is, the more deluded and ridiculous the occupants are.  An atheist, or at least a secularist would know this woman needs help and sympathy.  However Sharia law is clear and should not be questioned.
There is a misogyny inherent in Islam that Muslims are helpless to protect themselves against.  They will all grow up to think less of women because religious thought has trumped critical thinking and morality.

If you are in doubt then consider this:  Abraham and Isaac.
For those of you whose memory is a little rusty on the subject, Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac to God to prove his love.  Only when Abraham was about to plunge the knife into his son’s heart did God tell him he could stop and that it was just a test of his love and obedience to God.
Now:  If you were to start asking religious people would they sacrifice their child to God if he asked, before long you would find someone saying yes.

There is no chance any sane atheist would do this, but a sane religious believer could.  So if you are in any doubt as to how faith twists a person’s morality and ability to reason, just consider how only the real believers and followers of their God would kill their own child for their religion.  Surely every part of their psyche would be screaming at them not to kill the child as they did it, but they would do it anyway because their faith is in God and God knows best.

If God ever commands you to sacrifice your son or daughter for him…… Tell him to fuck off.


The weighing of evidence against self interest is non-existent with the religious.

Once you start to believe something so vehemently you will in an almost semi-desperate mindset, find evidence where there is none, and because religion sates our deepest fears of life and existence we will do so with such vigor that we will become ignorant to just how ridiculous we sound when we use these pathetic and fundamentally ridiculous arguments:

How else would we know right from wrong?
I know in my heart that it’s true, that’s the whole point of faith!

Or as Church father Tertullian said
It’s very improbability makes it believable

 Once faith takes hold, you become more susceptible to abandoning your critical thinking and blindly obeying whatever your church tells you.  Should you live in a theocratic society, then this can lead to barbaric consequences such as seen in theocratic Saudi Arabia where simply deciding you are no longer a Muslim is punishable by death.

The religion has brilliantly and subtly suppressed your critical thinking and a crucial capacity for reasoning…..
It is almost terrifying to contemplate that, in reality, the religion’s deity or deities do not exist and so there is no one to guide or stop them in their mad endeavors.  That the people of this religion are brainwashed and obeying the leaders without question for promises of a blissful afterlife or threats of a horrific, unthinkable one.  It is disconcerting that these people are throwing their absolute unrivaled trust to a deity that just isn’t there….. there is actually no higher power guiding them, instead they are just acting blindly having effectively absolved themselves of the need to reason.

Due to the obscure and subjective nature of such topics the religious are able to talk circles around the fact that our best ethics in this day and age do NOT need religion, and that in fact religion slowly, gradually and insidiously warps the mind and ethics of a nation if left unopposed.

If you have enjoyed this post then I suggest clicking on the atheist author/speaker page and you will find a review of Christopher Hitchens and a link to his incredible book on this subject.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and stories on this topic.


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